Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sick again

Guess who is fighting a battle against the microbes once again? Yep. It's me. I have been dealing with this shiz for over a week. If I would be able to just take a day to rest, I think I would actually get better, but since I have been going balls to the wall for however many days in a row with complete disregard to my health, I am still sick. And it sucks.

Thankfully the fever has pretty much subsided. I would get this lowgrade fever, and it wouldn't be enough to completely knock me off my feet, but it would make me sick enough to be miserable. Lovely. All the while working at 5:30 am and dancing and not really having any free time. This does not make a very happy Sarah. Obviously.

I have reached a point where I'm just getting through, I'm not able to really push myself. And that is disturbing to me because I love to push myself. Also, there is no time for ME anymore. none! I feel guilty sitting here and writing this because I know I need to go hom and do laundry and try to get some things together for a show I had to do on Saturday. Meh.

Thusly, I must go and be productive

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