Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Nothing's gonna change my world

Hey y'all!

It is officially summer for SP. We finished the spring season, and now it is time to rest, relax, and recuperate. Guess where I'm going to do some of that...the US Virgin Islands! My mom surprised my by buying me my ticket :) I will be visiting my sissy probably for the last time (in the Caribbean climes). I am so very excited to do this, I need the sun, sand, and peace. I think to really kick off my re-start (I actually feel like a broken down piece of shit right now, even after a restorative yoga class, and a week and half without ballet) I need to be taken out of this environment. There are just too many stressors present. Too many things that remind me of STRESS and WORRY.

Too bad the weather has been super crappy lately. I want to go to Quiet Waters and just be there for hours at a time...but I am kept indoors. I can feel the memories tugging at me like a kid tugs at his mom's shirt when he wants to get her attention. I would go and sit in the sun, stretched out like a cat. Then I would probably hug a tree or two. Then some yoga, walking on the pathways and contemplating the wonderous things around me. Maybe some knitting. Quiet contemplation by the water. Drawing. Painting. Being. Om.

Le sigh.

In other news I want to get a doggy. I ultimately want a daschund, but I will settle for something similar to it. Bottom line though, I want the doggy to be a rescue. So it may not end up being a puppy...it may be a rather old dog, but I'm totally OK with that. And this doggy would be living in the house (crosses fingers) with me and my roomies downtown (crosses fingers again). The house is too good to be true, so I'm just hoping we can *get* it. I know of others looking at it, so I'm just nervy that we will be beaten out. Although I would fight for it. Well, dance fight. We could do a dance-off. We go to look at the place tomorrow, so I'm hoping that after we look at it we can just sign the lease and be done with it.

In other other news, I'm almost going to school this summer. Almost because I still haven't registered for the classes. But I'm accepted and my transcripts have gone through. I will take the last step as soon as I stop being a retard and figure out how to register. Ladies and gentleman, I am one step closer to being a certified masseuse. (this is usually the part where you tell me you are available for me to practice on you. this is the most common response). I will be a rockin' massage lady, and I'm super excited at the prospect.

Well I must be off to get some shiz done, like buy a prescription and take a shower.

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