Thursday, November 20, 2008

The third one

This is the third blog I've had. I've not gotten the hang of the others, and I feel like more people I know may be blogging on this one. So I've switched.

Current stats:
Living in Annapolis
Dancing with Ballet Theatre of Maryland
Working at City Dock Coffee to actually make some money
Getting into Buddhism
Trying to practice Yoga on a regular basis
Seriously considering getting licensed in Massage asap
Becoming a serious, self-taught knitter

I've always thought that if given three extra hours in the day, I could actually get everything I wanted done, and I could have some leisure time too. When I was in school, I thought I had no time, but now that I'm employed with three jobs, I now know the meaning of no time. I've learned that I just have to do the best with those snatches of 30 minutes and 45 minutes here and else could i knit and sketch and read and practice yoga?

Right now, it's a give and a take situation. I give all I have to the moment, and I take what I can from it. Sometimes this is more profitable and fulfilling than others. And sometimes my head gets so full of the shit that is happening around me, I can't even be attentive to the moment. What is happening now. Right now that is my greatest obstacle.

That and the fact that I live in a hole under a rock. Without internet at home and cable, I have such a time trying to stay connected to the rest of the world...but maybe someday i can share an internet connection with a neighbor, or the internet fairy will bless my apartment.

Maybe someday.

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