Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Why am I still awake?

It's 3:41. A ridiculous time to still be awake. Why am I up? Dunno. Procrastinating actually going to bed I suppose.

Update of my life: today I spent a large amount of time wandering around grocery stores with my mom. We literally filled the cart to the point where I was carrying around the few last little purchases. Christmas Eve dinner always is lasagna at my house, so we were stocking up. Plus my sister and her boyfriend were supposed to get here tonight at 11:30pm. More about that later. In grocery news, I got this ginormous red grapefruit. I am so obsessed with them, it's weird. Standing in the grocery store, my salivary glands were activated by the sight and smell of it. I felt compelled to send several text messages about my grapefruit. I have yet to cut it, but know that when I do it will be a monumental event, complete with photos. My mouth is watering thinking about it. As a friend once said to me, "anticipation heightens the pleasure," so I'm putting off eating it until I've had adequate time to want it and lust after it. Mm.

The story about my sissy. Well, it seems that the weather here is not in favor of anyone coming for Christmas, because there was a major ice storm all over Northeast Ohio. So her flight was cancelled in Charlotte NC, so she and a few others determined to get to Ohio are currently driving. Yeah. Tomorrow (today) will be interesting since no one will have had much sleep. Except I'm a bit of a dillweed and I have no excuse for being up this late. Just my own weirdness.

Onto pictures!

Me and Simba lounging on the floor. He likes to "help" me knit. At least he moves when he's attacking the yarn...usually he's just a lump of fur on the floor that will periodically rub itself on a pair of feet nearby. No joke.

Awesome retro 80's hat I discovered. I will be wearing it a lot seeing as normal lounge wear around my chilly house consists of my jacket, a scarf, and glittens. With the hat I can afford to lose the jacket. But I must jealously guard my body heat...Jack Frost is just waiting to steal it away from me.

Expect more pictures of an awesome grapefruit and my homosexual nutcracker soon. I'm heading off to bed. Finally.

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